Collect and view stats from Bloodbowl 2

BB2Stats allows you to collect and view game stats from Bloodbowl 2. It can be used by a league owner (with a limited number of participants) to present stats on a web page, or to just check stats for personal games.


The BB2StatsGrabber is the application used to upload Bloodbowl 2 data. Each member of the league needs to install and use this client application since you can only access data from games you have played yourself.

When you have played your game, just launch the application, select your league and press "Upload" on the game you just played. You can then click another button to view the collected data.
Manual upload will also soon be available with a link from the league page.

I'll probably have to order a certificate to get this signed, but in the meantime Windows SmartScreen will consider it "untrusted". Avast DeepScreen also seems to stop it from launching for some reason. A scan of the file says it's fine though.

Once the first game in a league has been uploaded, the league will be created automatically.
You can also manually create a league if you want access to the URLs etc before league start.
This can be done here

If you are having issues, check the FAQ or ask questions in the BB2 forums


BB2StatsGrabber 1.4 (for legendary edition)

Old versions, in case you are having trouble with newest:
BB2StatsGrabber 1.3.14
BB2StatsGrabber 1.3.13
BB2StatsGrabber 1.3.12
BB2StatsGrabber 1.3.11
BB2StatsGrabber 1.3.10
BB2StatsGrabber 1.3.9
BB2StatsGrabber 1.3.8
BB2StatsGrabber 1.2.1

If you spot errors in the stats or client, please make an issue at bitbucket: Source code available there too.

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